Since the outcome of the APEL process is credit towards a professional or academic qualification, the process is understandably beneficial.
Clearly, the benefit of APEL is that it enables you to build upon your experiences so that you do not have to revisit what you already know and can do. It also:

  • recognises the value of your accomplishments
  • shortens the time required to complete formal qualifications
  • save significant sums of money by giving exemption from course elements or providing credit points and awards towards a qualification

The Benefits of APEL

  • assists career development
  • focuses on your own development and training needs.

However, the benefits of APEL are more wide-ranging and fundamental than the awarding of credit for achievement.
There is evidence that those who complete the APEL process become more self confident, are willing to take greater responsibility for their own development and have a more positive approach to education and training.

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