The Traditional Academic course unit Credit Transfer

In usual and ordinary academic terms, on completion of a professional graduate diploma (3-4 years depending on course taken and institution) or postgraduate diploma (1-2 years depending on institution and course taken), the following factors would influence the choice of an upgrading university for the said credit transfer to bachelors or masters degree:

  1. How you have performed in the subjects at Graduate or Postgraduate Diploma levels.
  2. The cost of that upgrade on top of what has been spent on Graduate or Postgraduate Diploma.
  3. The extra course subjects required.
  4. Whether you will be required to travel overseas or if distance learning exists so that you upgrade while in your host country. Most often people will not be required to travel overseas nowadays as distance learning arrangement exists in nearly all universities.

In this case, you once you are able to demonstrate, through competitive Oral Defense, that your dissertation is authentic and that other academic qualifications meet requirements, your Credits are easily transferred and you obtain you bachelors or masters degrees quickly.C

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