Credit Transfer via natural Gifts, Talents, Creativity and Innovation

Therefore Credit Transfer is possible to bachelors or masters degrees depending on ability of a candidate to demonstrate immense Talents, Gifts, Creativity and Innovation. There are people whom, without even formal education, are able to perform tasks even masters degree holders just struggle to understand. Such are young people who can put together primitive or old car engines plus related accessories and make a simple aircraft. Such are people with ability to assemble old radio or TV transmitters and make a radio or TV station or those able to compose music and hit the charts in record times.
These people cannot learn through traditional education systems that would eventually kill their supernatural abilities.

Such people are usually assessed for Talents, Gifts, Creativity and Innovation THEN profiled for unique abilities. They are then supported to make links with “pockets of relevant education” and they finally produce academically verifiable projects as module projects or dissertations.

Once their projects meet the academic and creative thresholds, universities may (by invitation through established institutions that assess talents, gifts, creativity and innovation) accept and provide Credit Transfers to Bachelors of Masters Degrees or even Doctoral Programmes.

Examples of such people may be viewed at the website of World Council for Gifted and Talented ( A good example is a 17 year old Indian boy with a phD in Neurosurgery and patents. Others can be found from

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