There are people who may not have gone through formal education but are exceeding expectations in real life. Such
people are seen as great businessmen or business-women, or researchers who produce innovation in villages
without formal education.
They can also be great leaders who make their nations or continents a pride yet they do not have formal education.
Their knowledge can be evaluated through a process known as Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL).
APEL generally refers to incidental prior learning which is unassessed.
Such learning may be gained through unstructured experiences, arising from leisure pursuits, family experiences and
work. It also includes unassessed formal training courses. Certificates may or may not be available as evidence that
the learning has taken place.
During APEL process, a portfolio of the candidate is developed professionally and the outcomes of the portfolios are
equated with usual course modules or units. Such equation may result in exemptions of particular course units, whole
course levels or the entire course (depending on the background portfolio of the candidate) hence direct award of
bachelors, masters or doctoral degrees.
For cases where the candidate receives direct Credit transfer to bachelors or masters degrees or even doctoral
programmes, he/she will demonstrate immense creative and innovation value based on inherent talents or gifts.
Our portfolio development programme will help you showcase what you’ve learned from professional work and on
job-training, military experience, or open source learning from the web, and general life and work experience.

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