A portfolio is:

  1. A visual representation of you, your unique life learning, skills, talents, and goals.
  2. A tool to help you identify and document prior learning from all areas of your life.

Not all learning takes place in the university classroom.

There are two types of prior learning that may be awarded university credit:

  1. Learning through work, home, community and other environments
  2. Learning from professional and technical training

The holistic portfolio contains all the elements of a professional or technical portfolio, but provides a broader framework in which to explore and validate learning across cultures, traditions, and world views.

About Portfolio Development

Portfolio development can be a fun, practical, inspiring, and sometimes life-changing experience for anyone. The process is particularly beneficial for adults going through a transition, such as a career or educational change. But, it can be useful at any time in our lives and may spark a change unexpectedly. Portfolios are made by working adults, adult learners, adults seeking employment, and also by young people and elders.

To petition for prior learning credit, students must complete the Credit-Hour Portfolios.

A good example can be seen in the arts. Your portfolio should consists of 15 – 20 pieces of your best artwork. A good portfolio presents a compelling picture of your potential as an artist/designer. You may apply to CCAD, where your portfolio is reviewed for admission and scholarship consideration. So it’s a big factor in whether you get into CCAD and whether you are awarded a scholarship. It is worth every bit of attention that you can give it. In this case, your portfolio should demonstrate your artistic strengths and interests (with a majority of the pieces), as well as the breadth of your experience (with a few pieces). It should show what you are passionate about.

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