Background: What is Credit Transfer?

The process of Credit Transfer involves the determination of prior knowledge and by extension, special intelligence that can allow a student to achieve “Advanced Standing” in a course hence complete the course earlier. It solves the old problem of a candidate having prior academic qualifications or work experience or natural intelligence that remain ignored by universities because of long standing traditions in admission process.

Thus Credit Transfer may be achieved through FOUR methods:

  • Innate Gifts and Talents – A candidate produces an earth moving project or design that hinges on invention, creativity or innovation
  • Verified Work Experience involving development of an enterprise or change production – Candidate, though not formally endowed academically, uses talents and life experiences to design, develop and implement a revolutionary enterprise or inspire serious organizational change
  • Verified academic qualifications – Candidate fulfils “total academic requirements” defined in the formal education setup and achieves Credit Point Values acceptable to an institution of higher learning
  • A combination of two or all above.


How does Credit Transfer take place?

The process of Credit Transfer involves use of special career and profile software that produces a candidate’s academic portfolio, Intelligence and Emotional Quotient Values. So we finally have the full potential of the person and hence able to advise institutions of higher learning of the same.

Final recommendations with supporting attachments, which may include transcripts of grades, CVs, and general aptitude, are then compiled for the candidate. It is NOT the same as photocopying transcripts and certificates and arriving at a university and casually asking them to “upgrade me to a degree”.

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